Chrysolite Indonesia

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Tentang Kami

At this good moment, we would like to introduce about our company which is start produce since 1997 in Surabaya West Java - Indonesia.

Produk & Layanan

Below are some information that we would like to share such as the advantage and the excellence which you can get from our product :

  • Chrysolite is one of other Sanitary Product such as Bathtub, Washbasin and Monoblock
  • Chrysolite is produced by modern design in model and made likely like human body so it will made you feel comfortable when use it.
  • Chrysolite is made from many good and strong ingredient and it’s easy to maintain, such as : MARBLE, ONYX.
  • Chrysolite give the free choice for every customer to decide which color they like, we also can modify it to the color of wall or ceramic.